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“Kill that Badboy” — Learn database performance optimization, tuning and troubleshooting from experts.

Course Name: Oracle Database advanced tuning and troubleshooting.

Program Brochure: CLICK link next –>

Oracle Database Performance Tuning Course Curiculum – M

Course Highlights:
– Corporate instructor lead programs with more than 10 years of experience in to performance domain and troubleshooting.
– Hands on practice on few of the exclusive tools related with performance monitoring and tuning or management.
– Expert led discussions, lectures and activities.
– Offers both In person (Classroom) and online modes.
– Train online via an Internet connection, 24/7 OR Train in person.
– Real world user cases and scenarios.
– 24*7 availability in solving and aiding real time issues.
– Doubts clarification or Q&A.
– Flexible timings.
– Flexi mode of payment.

Email Address:



Have a happy tuning!


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