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August 2021
Oracle released Database version 21c for on-prem, this was earlier available for cloud customers only.
They have released Golden Gate version 12.1 soon after 12c database release!

Dec 12, 2020
Oracle moves HQ to Austin from California.

Oct 2, 2017

At Oracle OpenWorld 2017, Oracle Chairman of the Board and CTO Larry Ellison unveiled his vision for the world’s first autonomous database cloud. Powered by Oracle Database 18c, the next generation of the industry-leading database, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud uses ground-breaking machine learning to enable automation that eliminates human labor, human error and manual tuning, to enable unprecedented availability, high performance and security at a much lower cost.

“This is the most important thing we’ve done in a long, long time,” said Ellison. “The automation does everything. We can guarantee availability of 99.995 percent, less than 30 minutes of planned or unplanned downtime.”

The Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud eliminates the human labor associated with tuning, patching, updating and maintaining the database and includes the following capabilities:

  • Self-Driving: Provides continuous adaptive performance tuning based on machine learning. Automatically upgrades and patches itself while running. Automatically applies security updates while running to protect against cyberattacks.
  • Self-Scaling: Instantly resizes compute and storage without downtime. Cost savings are multiplied because Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud consumes less compute and storage than Amazon, with lower manual administration costs.
  • Self-Repairing: Provides automated protection from downtime. SLA guarantees 99.995 percent reliability and availability, which reduces costly planned and unplanned downtime to less than 30-minutes per year.

The Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud handles many different workload styles, including transactions, mixed workloads, data warehouses, graph analytics, departmental applications, document stores and IoT. The first Autonomous Database Cloud offering, for data warehouse workloads, is planned to be available in calendar year 2017.

From: Oracle’s official website (Oracle.com)

Link: https://www.oracle.com/corporate/pressrelease/oow17-oracle-autonomous-database-100217.html



Resolving the Database Performance Problem Blame Game
Date : Tuesday, March 5
Time : 12:00pm-1:00pm CT

If you’re like most DBAs, you may have gotten blamed for application performance issues at one time or another. Maybe the root cause of a problem did originate in the database, but maybe it didn’t. It can be difficult to tell—especially when communication among the application, storage, visualization, and database teams isn’t in perfect sync.

In this educational webcast, we’ll explore how you can get the true full picture of the entire environment, without putting in the manual work native tools require. You’ll learn tricks to:

• View enterprise-level performance at a glance
• Identify servers and resource areas where performance degradation originates
• Diagnose and resolve issues quickly with drill-downs and built-in expert advice
• Automate performance metric analysis and responses for fast issue resolution
• Use built-in workflow functionality to craft solution templates unique to your environment
• Ensure complete coverage with the lowest possible overhead

Featured Speakers: Jason Hall, Manager, Systems Consulting, Dell and Scott Stone, Senior Product Manager, Fog light for Oracle, Dell

Register at IOUG to attend this webinar: IOUG (Independent Oracle Users Group)



OTN Yathra 2013 (A Six city event for Oracle Freaks)

OTN Yathra 2013

OTN Yathra 2013

The Oracle ACE directors and Java champions are organizing an evangelist event called ‘OTNYathra 2013’  between 15th & 27th February 2013.  The event is sponsored by the Oracle Technology Network.  This yathra or tour will be a series of 6 conferences across 6 major cities in a time period of 2 weeks.



ASMLIB to UDEV going forward from RHEL6.

Oracle recently announced that ASMlib will not be certified or supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
Oracle has indicated that all other major components of the Oracle database stack, including ASM and RAC,
will be supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 moving forward, and the certification process is currently
Udev is a native component of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and as such is fully supported by Red Hat. Oracle
has published several white papers and technical guides on configuring their database with udev-managed
devices, demonstrating their support for the technology as well.

Please click on below provided link to download steps/Oracle official white papers on above discussed.



Oracle Technology Network (OTN)


Attend4FREE!: 5 Hours of Expert+ Speakers & Sessions!

Oct 16, 2012 7am – 5pm Central Daylight Time

100% LIVE: Attend Physically OR Virtually – @NUCES/FAST

Attend virtually by clicking on the link shown below:


– Dr. Bert Scalzo – Oracle ACE, Guru, Speaker, Author of 11 Oracle Books
– Mike Ault – Oracle ACE, Speaker, Blogger, Guru, Author of 25 Oracle Books
– Tim Gorman – Oracle ACE Director, Performance Tuning Guru, Speaker, Author of multiple Oracle Books
– Rich Niemiec – Oracle ACE Director, World-renowned Speaker, Blogger & Author
– Kai Yu – Oracle ACE Director, Speaker, Author, Blogger & Community Leader
– Fahad Mirza – Oracle ACE, Blogger, Speaker & Author
– Nitin Vengurlekar – Oracle Guru, Blogger, Speaker & Author
– Tariq Farooq – Oracle ACE Director, Virtualization & RAC Expert, Speaker, Author of 100+ Articles, Blogger & Community Organizer

– Oracle VM & Cloud Computing: 360 Degrees
– RDBMS Forensics using Active Session History (ASH)
– Oracle Wait Events Analysis With AWRs
– Exadata – Rise of the Machines
– Engineering Better PL/SQL
– Exadata & Resource Management – Best Practices


Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Registration:

September 30 – October 4, 2012. San Fransisco, USA

Packages: http://www.oracle.com/openworld/register/packages/index.html?src=7308729&Act=739

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