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Simplicity, Another great reason to move into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure …

Posted by FatDBA on March 31, 2023

Recently I was talking to someone who is using OCI Cloud, she asked us a question – If she can generate the AWR report on one of the database, but not sure if they have Oracle Tuning & Diagnostic (T&D pack) license ?

As they are running on 19c Oracle EE Extreme Performance bundle, there not only she has license for Diagnostics & Tuning Pack, ADG, RAC, In-Memory but other options too from the Oracle EE-HP (Image below).

By the way “Oracle EE Extreme Performance” will not give any boost to your Database’s performance by giving you more CPUs or Memory, but it has options that will help you to get the high performance.

There is a great post by Sinan (from datbase-heartbeat) about the same subject.

Hope It Helped!
Prashant Dixit


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