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Oracle Tracing Capabilities – Part 1

Posted by FatDBA on August 31, 2016

Hi Mates,
There are so many times when we exhausted all of our known tips, tricks and techniques of troubleshooting and after trying everything under the sun finally raised requests to Oracle Support, then they asked us to perform some unknown, uncanny, alien steps to troubleshoot the problem in hand and asks us to share the trace files (Which we, most of the times don’t understand) which they analyze and makes conclusion based on them.

Today i would like to start a series of posts where i will share steps to troubleshoot some of Oracle’s in-built tools and software. These steps will help to understand – What and how to enable tracing for them.

Trace Data Pump:
Sometimes while importing/exporting a dump it takes a long time to complete and hangs or session just ‘Freeze’ with no reason. Oracle provides an option to trace import export sessions too by using a parameter TRACE, using this option you can decipher sessions, master & slave processes and other control processes.
You can enable tracing by using the seven digit long hexadecimal argument for the trace option. Below is the complete list of tracing levels.

SHDW: To trace the Shadow process (API) (expdp/impdp)
20300 KUPV: To trace Fixed table
40300 ‘div’ To trace Process services
80300 KUPM: To trace Master Control Process (MCP) (DM)
100300 KUPF: To trace File Manager
200300 KUPC: To trace Queue services
400300 KUPW: To trace Worker process(es) (DW)
800300 KUPD: To trace Data Package
1000300 META: To trace Metadata Package
1FF0300 ‘all’ To trace all components (full tracing)

How to use it:

impdp \’/ as sysdba\’ SCHEMAS=DIXIT PARALLEL=8 JOB_NAME=testing_tracedpump TRACE=1FF0300
KUPP:10:58:22.050: Input trace/debug flags: 01FF0300 = 11818181
KUPP:10:58:22.050: Current trace/debug flags: 01FF0300 = 11818181
SHDW:10:58:22.050: Current user = SYS
SHDW:10:58:22.050: Current schema = SYS
SHDW:10:58:22.050: Current language = AMERICAN_AMERICA.AL32UTF8
SHDW:10:58:22.052: Current session address = 000000007TYBGGG0
SHDW:10:58:22.052: *** OPEN call ***
SHDW:10:58:22.052: operation = IMPORT
SHDW:10:58:22.052: job_mode = schema
SHDW:10:58:22.052: version =
SHDW:10:58:22.052: compression = 2
KUPV:10:58:22.058: Master Table create statement: CREATE TABLE “SYS”.”testing_tracedpump” (process_order NUMBER, duplicate NUMBER, dump_fileid NUMBER, dump_position NUMBER, dump_length NUMBER, dump_orig_length NUMBER

This will create some trace files for master control process (DM), shadow processes, slave/worker processes (DW) and under trace directory.
Next will write about more undocumented and hidden features available for some of the tools we use of daily basis.

Hope It Helps
Prashant Dixit


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