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Golden Gate 19.1.0 – VIEW REPORT & VIEW PARAMS command failed

Posted by FatDBA on March 24, 2020

Hi Folks,

Would like to share one of the latest problem that I’ve faced with Golden Gate release 19.1.0 where two of the most frequently used commands, VIEW REPORT and VIEW PARAMS command simply fails in the administration client console. This is a Windows server environment where I was doing some testing with this new release.
I mean it produces no additional logs or information while doing that, it simply tries to wake up and crashes in next few seconds.

So, with no idea about the problem, plus this being a new release of Oracle GG (19.1) there wasn’t any metalink note or public documentation available, so reached Oracle support. They gave a very simple but logical solution to handle this issue. They asked me to once again set the default text viewer program for viewing parameter and report files by passing following command and it worked

SET PAGER notepad 

They later on declared this issue as a BUG with code 30427030, but bug details are yet to be published on Metalink website.

Stay inside, learn something new during this self isolation & stop the spread of Covid-19.
Stay Healthy and Safe Everyone!

Prashant Dixit


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