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Lets spread some Chaos – Gremlin Chaos Engineering Practitioner Certification

Posted by FatDBA on June 17, 2021

Chaos Engineering is a disciplined approach of identifying potential failures before they become outages, and its engineering practices focused on (and built on) Kubernetes environments, applications, microservices, and infrastructure (including Databases, storage or networking).

Gremlin provides a ‘failure-as-a-service’ testing platform or a toolset built to make systems more reliable. It turns failure into resilience by offering engineers a fully hosted solution to safely experiment on complex systems, in order to identify weaknesses before they impact customers and cause revenue loss. It can be easily tested on any of the infrastructure components to avoid single point of failures and to remove any FPs make system more HA and failsafe.

So, this you can recommend to any of your customer before they go live, should test the infra by generating intentional chaos to test respective zones, services, software  component, Storage (Disk space etc.), Databases (Cluster, replicas, standbys), Applications (Kubernetes etc.) and Networks.

About exam – This certification tests your knowledge on Chaos Engineering concepts like Gremlin platform, GameDay, MoD (Master of disaster) and other similar experiments and techniques.

Exam is free of cost and if you have any prior knowledge you can directly go and give the exam, but its good to attend their free prep session. There is not any time limit, and you have to answer 20 questions in total. Passing percentage required is 80% and you have 2 attempts in total to do that.

Direct link to certification: https://www.gremlin.com/blog/announcing-the-gremlin-chaos-engineering-practitioner-certificate-program/

Link for free prep session registration: https://www.gremlin.com/webinars/gremlin-certificate-prep-session/

Hope It Helped!
Prashant Dixit


4 Responses to “Lets spread some Chaos – Gremlin Chaos Engineering Practitioner Certification”

  1. Rakhil R said

    I haven’t received the certificate even after scoring 90%

    • FatDBA said

      Hi Rakhil,
      Ideally they should, check within the login space, the certificate should be there only. If not, please check with their team on how to get that.

  2. Thanks for sharing this article. It is helped me in the field of chaos engineering

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