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OGG-01201 Error reported by MGR Access denied

Posted by FatDBA on August 22, 2021

Hi Guys,

Last week encountered a problem with one old GG setup running on v12.2 where the extract was failing with errors OGG-01201/OGG-01668 when doing Initial load.

ERROR   OGG-01201  Oracle GoldenGate Capture for Oracle, exld1.prm:  Error reported by MGR : Access denied
ERROR   OGG-01668  Oracle GoldenGate Capture for Oracle, exld1.prm:  PROCESS ABENDING

This ‘access denied’ error was there even when the login information was correct for both source and target systems. I was overly confused and wasn’t sure what was causing the issue!

What I come to know after reading a particular piece of documentation, in version 12.2 of GG, the default behavior is the MANAGER and related EXTRACT/REPLICAT cannot be started or stopped remotely as by default there is only deny rule. And while I was trying to do the initial load on the source server and attempts to starts the replicat on target server, I hit the error. This is a security feature and is to prevent unauthorized access to Oracle GoldenGate manager processes and the processes under its control.

Solution to the problem is add “ACCESSRULE, PROG *, IPADDR *, ALLOW” to your manager parameter file on the target system, something like below. The ACCESSRULE parameter restricts the remote system access.

-- GoldenGate Manager Parameter File (mgr.prm) on Target system
userid xxxxxxx, password xxxxxxx
PORT 7810

Here you can also set priority using PRI (0-99) which specifies the priority. The PROG parameter could be anything like GGSCI, GUI, MGR/MANAGER, REPLICAT, COLLECTOR|SERVER and * for all options (default). IPADDR specifies from which IP can access the specified program. Login_ID specifies with RMTHOST configuration and ALLOW | DENY specifies allow or deny the access.

Hope It Helped!
Prashant Dixit


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