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With Oracle 21c, now you have Clusterware REST API …

Posted by FatDBA on September 1, 2021

Hi Guys,

While reading official database 21c guides, I came across something really cool – Starting from 21c you have Clusterware REST API 🙂 … REST API is available in previous versions too, but not for Clusterware command line utilities, but with release of 21c this is finally here ..

The REST application programming interfaces (APIs) for Oracle Clusterware makes you capable to remotely execute commands on your database cluster, whether in the Oracle Cloud, at remote physical locations, or locally purveyed. With the remote running of REST interface commands, you are able to get back information about that execution, including output, error codes, and execution lengths. The REST interface allows secure support for Oracle Clusterware command line utilities like CRSCTL, CLUVFY and SRVCTL.

REST APIs for Oracle Clusterware expect that the CDP Cross Cluster Domain Protocol (CDP) daemon is running on all of the SCAN VIPs of the cluster. To support the ability to make requests from outside the cluster, you can run the srvctl modify cdp command to provide a list of IPs or networks in CIDR format.

Below are few of the cluster commands you can run using REST APIs …

To enable connections from outside the cluster, run the following commands.

$ srvctl start cdp
$ srvctl modify cdp -allow "ip/networkid1,ip/networkid2,.."

You can view the configuration information with the following command

$ srvctl config cdp

Get the list of all homes

curl -k -X GET https://scan-name:port/grid/cmd/v1/cmd/ --user admin:DixitTestPassword 

Create a job (crsctl) and monitor the status

curl -k -X POST \
    https://scan-name:port/grid/cmd/v1/cmd/exec \
    '-H "accept: text/plain,text/javascript,application/json"' \
    '-H "content-type: application/vnd.oracle.resource+json;type=singular"' \
     --user admin:DixitTestPassword \
    '-d  {"command" : ["crsctl", "stat", "res", "-t"], "runAsUser":"osUser", "userPassword":"osPasswd"}'

curl -k -X GET https://scan-name:port/grid/cmd/v1/cmd/jobs/myJobId --user admin:DixitTestPassword 

Monitor the status of all jobs

curl -k -X GET \
    https://scan-name:port/grid/cmd/v1/cmd/jobs/ --user admin:DixitTestPassword 

Delete a job

curl -k -X DELETE \ 
         https://scan-name:port/grid/cmd/v1/cmd/jobs/myJobId --user admin:DixitTestPassword 

Hope It Helped!
Prashant Dixit


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