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Oracle Data Guard Evolution.

Posted by FatDBA on February 21, 2013

Oracle Data Guard’s Improvements from Version 8i (Introduced in same version) till now:

* Read-Only Standby Database
* Managed recovery
* Remote archiving redo log files

* “Zero Data Loss” Integration
* Data Guard Broker and Data Guard Manager GUI
* Swithcover and Failover operations
* Automatical synchronous
* Logical Standby Database
* Maximum Protection

* Real-Time Apply
* Fast-Start Failover
* Asynchronous redo transfer
* Flashback Database

* Active Standby Database (Active Data Guard)
* Snapshot Standby
* Heterogeneous platform support (Production –Linux, Standby – Windows)

One Response to “Oracle Data Guard Evolution.”

  1. Abdul Taher Iqbal said

    Nice Article please share if you update on 12c.

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