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What and Why CatBundle.sql ?

Posted by FatDBA on March 29, 2013

What is a Catbundle.sql script and it’s purpose after patching (Part of PSU Post-Patching) ?

Before asnwering about the role or importance of catbundle.sql script i would like to explain about what a database bundle is.
– A database bundle series is a sequence of patches where each patch in the series includes the contents of the previous patch in the series.

Installation of the database changes is done by catbundle.sql, which takes input from an XML file named bundledata_<bundle series>.xml.
catbundle.sql determines the last bundle applied to the database and executes only the scripts in the patch that have changed since the last bundle patch was applied.

Opatch tool replaces software files but does not modify database catalog. Applying a patch set update requires modifying the catalog. There is an sql script file named “catbundle.sql” under “$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin” directory. Execute that script as sysdba to make necessary modification to the catalog.

* Patch your ORACLE_HOME before you start and execute the catbundle script.

Once done follow below provided steps if patching (PSU Track).

$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin
$ sqlplus / as sysdba

sql>@catbundle.sql psu apply

Once you’ve executed the catbundle.sql means your database is fully patched.


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