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Golden Gate High Availability using XAG Bundles!

Posted by FatDBA on November 9, 2016

Oracle Grid Infrastructure Bundled Agents (XAG) are Oracle Grid Infrastructure components that provide the HA framework to application resources and resource types managed through the bundled agent management interface, AGCTL.
This post will help to understand, implement the XAG agents to have the HA for Golden Gate.

To begin installation, this zip file needs to be downloaded and expanded in a temporary directory.
The $XAG_HOME and sub-directories must be owned by Oracle Grid Infrastructure install owner. The setup script, xagsetup.sh, must be run as the Oracle Grid Infrastructure install owner. The xagsetup.sh script offers the option to install local only (the default) or to install on all nodes in the cluster or, a subset of nodes in the cluster where the application is targeted to run. When deploying the bundled agents to multiple nodes in the cluster, the xagsetup.sh is executed on only one node of the cluster, and the xagsetup.sh script will attempt to create $XAG_HOME directory on all remote nodes.

[oracle@monkey02 xag]$ ./xagsetup.sh –install –directory /u01/app/grid/product/xag –all_nodes
Installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure Agents on: monkey01
Installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure Agents on: monkey02
Installation of Oracle Grid Infrastructure Agents Successfull!

Next step is where you creates the VIP resource that will be used by the GG resource to relocate itself on the other remaining nodes when needed.
[root@monkey02 bin]# ./appvipcfg create -network=1 -ip= -vipname=testxag-ggs-vip -user=oracle -group=oinstall

Assign the required set of permissions to the grid install owner on this newly created VIP resource.
[root@monkey02 bin]# ./crsctl setperm resource testxag-ggs-vip -u user:oracle:r-x

Alright, so the VIP resource is created and is running fine.

Cluster Resources

Next we will create the golden gate resource and configure it from the golden gate user.
Call the AGCTL utlity from the XAG_HOME location and choose all required parameters/arguments with GG processes those you want to monitor through this.

[oracle@monkey02 bin]#./agctl add goldengate xagtest_ggs \
–gg_home /olala/app/ggg \
–instance_type dual \
–nodes monkey01,monkey02 \
–vip_name testxag-ggs-vip \
–filesystems ora.monkeydds.monkeydds_vol.acfs \
–databases ora.tunedb.db \
–oracle_home /u01/app/oracle/product/ \
–monitor_replicats PTEST1,PTEST2,PTEST3 \

Options & arguments explained:
–gg_home **GoldenGate installation directory**
–instance_type <source|target|dual*** —- dual is for bi directional replication.
–oracle_home ***path***
–databases ***associated database resources***
–monitor_extracts ***ext1,ext2,ext3,…***
–monitor_replicats ***rep1,rep2,rep3,…***
–vip_name ***VIP resource name***
–filesystems ***acfs1,acfs2,…***

Okay, now when we are done with the configuration of the GG resource, lets verify it.

[oracle@monkey02 bin]$ ./agctl config goldengate xagtest_ggs
GoldenGate location is: /olala/app/ggg
GoldenGate instance type is: dual
Configured to run on Nodes: monkey01 monkey02
ORACLE_HOME location is: /u01/app/oracle/product/
Databases needed: ora.tunedb.db
File System resources needed: ora.monkeydds.monkeydds_vol.acfs
VIP name: testxag-ggs-vip
REPLICAT groups to monitor: RTEST1,RTEST2,RTEST3
Critical EXTRACT groups:
Critical REPLICAT groups:
Autostart on DataGuard role transition to PRIMARY: no
Autostart JAgent: no

Alright, so this is what we want. Next we have to start the Golden Gate resource which we have created at the last step.

[oracle@monkey02 bin]$ ./agctl start goldengate xagtest_ggs

In the beginning the status will be in STARTING mode



Now, once the resource is started the status of the cluster resource will be STABLE state.


Now, we are good to go and can perform manual tests like relocation of resources on other nodes.

Hope It Helps!
Prashant Dixit


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    Golden Gate High Availability using XAG Bundles!

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