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Disk Goes Offline after rebalance! – Is this due to a BUG ?

Posted by FatDBA on January 30, 2020

HI Everyone,

Today during one of the activity where we migrated the ASM Storage for one of our 2 Node RAC cluster (running on 11gR2), where we had to perform the disk rebalancing to copy/mirror the contents from older/existing storage to the new storage before we go and drop the older storage partitions, we faced some some weirdness. The disks goes offline in this multi-node ASM and we left stranded with initially no idea behind this behavior, but finally we were able to locate a metalink page for the same issue.

Yes, this was due to a known Bug with number 13476583
Oracle Server (Rdbms) Version
This problem is introduced in the Patch Set Update Patch Set Update Patch Set Update Patch Set Update
and in, by the fix for bug 10040921.

When disks are dropped, a forcible diskgroup dismount is performed on other ASM instance/s.

Workaround or Fix:
1. The problem does not cause diskgroup corruption. So mostly diskgroup can be mounted again.
2. Apply fix
Interim patches here: Patch:13476583 Patch Set Update Patch 17 on Windows Platforms

Oracle Notes: 245840.1

Hope That Helps
Prashant Dixit


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