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Migration assessment report, possible with ora2pg ?

Posted by FatDBA on July 3, 2021

Hi Guys,

Last week someone asked if me if it’s possible to generate the migration assessment report (of any sort) if using ora2pg for migration ? – The entire team was coming from EDB PostgreSQL migration where they used their migration toolkit, and there you can generate something similar, but with their current project, ora2pg was finalized as a migration tool for Oracle to vanilla PostgreSQL migration.

And the answer to their question was YES, it’s possible to generate the migration assessment report with ora2pg too, which is very useful as it performs an assessment for the potential migration problems or difficulties. It allocates a cost per object types and also provides other details like invalid object counts, total number of object types, comments and more description about objects etc.

It inspects all database objects , functions, stored procedures to detect if there are some objects or PL/SQL code that cannot be automatically converted by the tool. At the end of the report it calculates the overall cost (sum of all costs) and assigns an approximate number of days or time to perform the migration.

Default time per “cost evaluation unit” is 5 minutes, and outputs can be generated in text (default), html or csv formats.

Let’s generate a sample report, but first let me show you the version of ora2pg, and next will call the report for Oracle database running on 18c for a particular schema.

$ ora2pg -t SHOW_VERSION -c config/ora2pg.conf
Oracle Database 18c Enterprise Edition Release

-- Here we used 'estimate_cost' is to activate the migration cost evaluation with SHOW_REPORT

$ ora2pg -t show_report  --estimate_cost -c config/ora2pg.conf --dump_as_html > /tmp/orapgtestmigr/ora2pgreport.html

Ora2Pg v20.0 - Database Migration Report
Version  Oracle Database 18c Enterprise Edition Release
Size     88.19 MB

Below is the screen snip of the report head.

Please click below link to view the full report.

Hope It Helped!
Prashant Dixit


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