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‘ORA-12547: TNS:lost contact’ after OPATCH_PLATFORM_ID Reset in sqlplus.

Posted by FatDBA on July 5, 2012


1. De-install the deployed patch first  —

[oracle@prashant 8974084]$ opatch rollback -id 8974084   (Click Y/Yes when it asked you to select out of Yes/No).

Once the patch uninstalled unset the OPATCH_PLATFORM_ID

example:     [oracle@prashant 8974084]$ unset OPATCH_PLATFORM_ID

2. Stop all middle wares included e.g. ENTERPRISE MANAGER, LISTENER and shutdown the database.

3. Revert back the PLATFORM_ID back to it’s old value —

[oracle@prashant 8974084]$ export OPATCH_PLATFORM_ID=46   (46 was the old value of the machine)

4. Recheck all Network files located in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs     like listener.ora, tnsnames.ora and tnsnames.ora they might corrupted as well. Make sure you have the correct Host Name, Post Number, Service number defined in  tnsnames.ora. Check sqlnet,ora and verify if it has the EZCONNECT , TNSNAMES.

5. reboot your machine.

6.  Start listener and to give the database a try to start. Most probably  chances are there that you’ll receive LOCAL_LISTENER definition failure message during the start.

In that case you have to check your parameter file and perform requisite changes to the local listener definitions (*.LOCAL_LISTENER=’ ‘)

7. Re try to start the database and you’ll be able to start DB this time.

Feedbacks: If failed to start the DB box even after performing these steps and that will also motivate me to write about and research  🙂


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