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Posted by FatDBA on February 8, 2013

Well there are whole lot of changes when you start comparing Oracle 10g and 11g.  DB_ULTRA_SAFE is one of the new parameter introduced in 11g which provides a mechanism to avoid block corruptions in your database. his parameter actually controls three parameters DB_BLOCK_CHECKING, DB_BLOCK_CHECKSUM & DB_LOST_WRITE_PROTECT parameters collectively.
Click on below provided links in order to read more about these three three initialization parameters.





  1. oracleman consulting said

    they point to 11.1 docs, not 11.2 docs

    • oracleant said

      Hello Oracleman,
      Both DB_BLOCK_CHECKING and DB_BLOCK_CHECKSUM were available in 10g r2 as well except tha last DB_LOST_WRITE_PROTECT which was introduced in 11g r1.
      so they are available in 11g r2 as well without any change.

      Thanks for your time to read and comment.

      Prashant Dixit

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