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CKPT process blocking table gather stats session intermittently … Why ?

Posted by FatDBA on November 1, 2017

Hi Folks,
Today i would like to share one of the experience that we had while working in one of the production system with a customer with a weird situation where the Gather stats session getting intermittently blocked by CKPT database background process in database and sometimes stays as it is for more than 30 mins.

We were getting the “enq: RO – fast object reuse” wait contention when gathering schema/table statistics in parallel using DBMS_STATS package with DEGREE>1

During the analysis i’ve generated the System State dump and saw a clear blocking situation on object Enq RO-00010059-00000001 .

Snippet from SS Dump.

Resource Holder State
Enq RO-00010059-00000001 14: waiting for ‘rdbms ipc message’
Enq RO-00010059-00000001 89: 89: is waiting for 14: 89:

Workaround for the problem is either of the two solutions
– We can try flush the Buffer Cache.
Though flushing the buffer cache causes dirty blocks to be written to disk and will have some performance impact.
– Setting the parameter “_db_fast_obj_truncate” to FALSE.
This will revert back to 9i way of invalidating buffers in buffer cache.

Hope That Helps
Prashant Dixit


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