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Another 10053 trace viewer : Best of the Best …

Posted by FatDBA on October 21, 2021

Finally, I’ve got a working copy of my favorite 10053 optimizer trace viewer from one of my connection. This one was written by Sergei Romanenko. I love it because it allows direct jumps to the most important parts of the trace and also uses highlighter to improve the readability of the trace and optionally formats the final query after transformations. It’s pretty easy to use, and you can directly search the keywords within these big thumping traces. And you can also wrap your text and can also format the final query.

Click here to download!

This is how the interface looks like.

Hope It Helped!
Prashant Dixit

7 Responses to “Another 10053 trace viewer : Best of the Best …”

  1. Saibal Ghosh said

    This seems a really nifty tool to get the information you really need…thanks Prashant!

  2. Oraora said

    Everything is fine, but it does not read some trace files, it does not load large files at all. Why is this happening?

    • FatDBA said

      Not sure, ideally it should. Working fine at my end even for files more than 20 Mb in size.

      What is the size of your trace file, version of the Oracle DB, Any error it throws for you ?

  3. Vimal Shukla said

    Can you please approve my request for downloading this tool from google drive.

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