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High stats collection time for partitioned tables after upgrade to 19c

Posted by FatDBA on July 2, 2022

Recently, while working on a database upgrade from 12c to 19c (19.15) one of my friend encountered a strange issue on the newly upgraded 19c database where the stats gathering on the full database started taking huge time. It used to take ~ 3 hours to complete the full database statistics, but the same stats collection job after the upgrade to 19c started taking close to 10 hours. The stats collection script they were using was quite simple and with minimal parameters used.


During the analysis he observed that the top 3-4 in-flight transactions during stats collection were related to the Index Statistics and were found doing ‘Index Fast Full Scan’, and all of them are on few of the large partitioned tables in the database. He discussed the case with me and together tried few thing i.e. recollected dictionary and fixed object statistics, did some comparative study of parameters between 12c and 19c but none of them worked. At last we tried to set debugging levels on DBMS_STATS to see what’s happening under the hood, and that gave us some hint when set it with level/flag 8 (trace index stats) and with level 32768 to trace approximate NDV (number distinct values) gatherings. Traces gave us some idea that its surely with the index stats and NDV or number of distinct keys and is taking time.

But even after that we both were totally clueless as these Tables and its dependent objects are there in the system for a very long time. So. the big question was – What’s new in 19c that has slowed down stats collection ?

Finally we decided to contact OCS! And they quickly responded to the problem as its a known problem with the 19c. As per them, there was an enhancement in 19c that is related to Index stats gathering, and that had lead to the longer stats times. It was all due to an unpublished Bug 33427856 which is an enhancement to improve the calculation of index NDK (Number of Distinct Keys). This new feature with the approx_count_distinct function and fully scans indexes to calculate NDK. This has a significant benefit because NDK is now accurate. It also means that gathering statistics can take longer (for example, updating global index statistics if incremental stats is used). So, In general, this is expected behavior, since DBMS_STATS is doing more work in 19c than it did in previously unenhanced versions.

And the solution to this new 19c index-stats feature (a problem) off by setting fix control to disable ‘Enhance Index NDK Statistics’ – 27268249

alter system set "_fix_control"='27268249:0';

And as soon as we deleted existing statistics and regather them, the time dropped drastically and got completed under 3 hours.

Hope It Helped!
Prashant Dixit


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